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Easier SSH Agent with GPG

Some time back I wrote a guide to setting up a Yubikey Neo security device for GPG and SSH authentication. One aspect I included was setting up GPG Agent on Fish shell, which was a little fiddly.

I’ve recently discovered that this has become vastly easier with GPG Agent Autostart arriving in a recent version of GPG.

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Testcontainers 1.0.3 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.3 has been released. The biggest functional changes are automatic matching of Selenium browser container versions to the classpath Selenium API version and addition of capabilities to fetch/follow container output.

People made some great code contributions (with more in the pipeline) but it’s also been great to get more review feedback to help make the project better. To everybody who has been contributing in some way: thank you.

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Upcoming feature: automatic Selenium API version matching in Testcontainers

A key design goal for the Selenium support in Testcontainers is to prevent the sporadic breakage of the compatibility between Selenium library JARs and the browsers they interface with. In the past, I’ve seen countless examples of nightmares when projects’ Selenium library dependencies don’t match the browsers that developers have installed locally. This trend became worse when browsers started receiving automatic updates.

The first releases of Testcontainers took an alternative approach: use tagged docker containers for web browsers to lock browser versions to be compatible with a specific version of the Selenium API - namely v2.45.0. This leverages the excellent SeleniumHQ docker-selenium project’s set of docker containers. This means that any project using Testcontainers simply needed to match its selenium-*.jar dependency versions to version 2.45.0, and compatibility would be assured.

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Testcontainers with Selenide

Earlier this week I came across a great blog post by Sergei Pirokov on using Testcontainers in conjunction with Selenide for web UI testing. It’s worth having a look at - I think Selenide is a great enhancement to Selenium in its own right, and I’m very happy that others are finding Testcontainers useful as a companion tool.

See the original post (in Russian) Автоматизация в контейнере с TestContainers or read the Google translate version!

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An unbelievably helpful OS X setting

I’ve no idea why I didn’t learn this until recently, but this seems to be a crucial setting for a enjoyable keyboard-centric use of a Mac: Full Keyboard Access.

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Full Keyboard Access => All ControlsSystem Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Full Keyboard Access => All Controls

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