Testcontainers 1.0.3 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.3 has been released. The biggest functional changes are automatic matching of Selenium browser container versions to the classpath Selenium API version and addition of capabilities to fetch/follow container output.

People made some great code contributions (with more in the pipeline) but it’s also been great to get more review feedback to help make the project better. To everybody who has been contributing in some way: thank you.

The updates from the CHANGELOG:


  • Resolve issues where containers would not be cleaned up on JVM shutdown if they failed to start correctly
  • Fix validation problem where docker image names that contained private registry URLs with port number would be rejected
  • Resolve bug where docker pull would try infinitely for a non-existent image name


  • Set startup free disk space check to ensure that the Docker environment has a minimum of 2GB available rather than 10%
  • Add streaming of container logs to SLF4J loggers, capture as Strings, and also the ability to wait for container log content to satisfy an expected predicate
  • Allow configuration of docker container startup timeout
  • Add detection of classpath Selenium version, and automatic selection of correct Selenium docker containers for compatibility

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