Testcontainers 1.0.4 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.4 has been released.

This release adds bug fixes and some great new features: in particular docker exec support and building of images from Dockerfiles. Thanks to Oliver Stacey and Sergei Egorov respectively for contributing these!

The updates from the CHANGELOG:


  • Prevent unnecessary and erroneous reconfiguration of container if startup needs to be retried
  • Consolidate container cleanup to ensure that ambassador containers used for Docker Compose are cleaned up appropriately
  • Fix container liveness check port lookup for FixedHostPortGenericContainer.
  • Upgrade docker-compose container to dduportal/docker-compose:1.6.0 for compatibility with docker compose file format v2.


  • Add docker exec support for running commands against running containers
  • Add support for building container images on the fly from Dockerfiles, including optional Dockerfile builder DSL
  • Add container name as prefix for container logs that are streamed to SLF4J
  • Improve container startup failure detection, including adding the option to specify a minimum up time that the container should achieve before being considered started successfully

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