Testcontainers 1.0.5 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.5 has been released.

This release adds a pluggable wait strategy to allow container startup validation to be customized more easily, plus a mechanism to allow containers’ /etc/hosts to be updated. Also, implementation of self typing on GenericContainer makes developing custom subclasses with fluent builder interfaces much easier. Thanks to Pete Cornish, Thorsten Binias and Sergei Egorov for contributing these!

Also thanks to Viktor Schulz for working on Windows compatibility, which is now available as an alpha release.

The updates from the CHANGELOG:


  • Fix problems associated with changes to tenforce/virtuoso:latest container, and replace with a pinned version.
  • Fix build-time dependency on visible-assertions library, which had downstream dependencies that started to break the Testcontainers build.


  • Add support for pluggable wait strategies, i.e. overriding the default TCP connect wait strategy with HTTP ping or any user-defined approach.
  • Add self-typing’ to allow easy use of fluent-style options even when GenericContainer is subclassed.
  • Add support for defining extra entries for containers’ /etc/hosts files.
  • Add fluent setter for setting file-system file/directory binding

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