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About Me #

Richard North

I’m a fa­ther of two, hus­band and gen­eral pur­pose geek (in that or­der).
I’m a prin­ci­pal en­gi­neer at Skyscanner in London, with a fo­cus on de­vel­oper en­able­ment and pro­duc­tion plat­forms.

Technology-wise, I’m in­ter­ested in vir­tu­ally every­thing but have par­tic­u­lar in­ter­ests in:

And out­side of pure tech­nol­ogy-re­lated pur­suits:

Open source #

I have a hand­ful of small pro­jects on GitHub, but one you may have heard of is Testcontainers, a Docker-based tool to aid in­te­grated test­ing in Java. I cre­ated Testcontainers sev­eral years ago, and it’s be­come al­most a de-facto tool for in­te­gra­tion test­ing in Java and other lan­guages. I was also co-founder of AtomicJar, a com­pany which is de­vel­op­ing ser­vices that com­ple­ment the open source li­brary.

Another quite dif­fer­ent pro­ject which I’m more ac­tive on is Turbolift, which I’ve worked on at Skyscanner to help us man­age im­prove­ments and up­grades to hun­dreds of mi­croser­vices and com­po­nents. Check out this blog post which ex­plains how this tool came to be.

Contact #

I’m @[email protected] on Mastodon.

I’m rich­north on key­

I’m @whichrich on Twitter - al­though not re­ally us­ing it nowa­days.

I have some open source pro­jects on Github.

You can email me at [email protected], un­less you’re a spam­bot, in which case please don’t bother.

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