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Dropwizard Markdown assets bundle

I just released a small library which adds Markdown rendering support for assets served by a Dropwizard application.

The main goal is to make it quicker and easier to serve API documentation alongside a service, without having to set up a separate HTML authoring /generation process. Markdown documents on the classpath can simply be served up in crisp rendered HTML. I like the idea of a service self-hosting its own documentation, whether it’s for internal or public consumption.

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Testcontainers 1.1.6 is out!

Testcontainers 1.1.6 is out and available on Maven Central! Changes are listed in the Changelog

testcontainers testing java

Testcontainers 1.0.5 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.5 has been released.

This release adds a pluggable wait strategy to allow container startup validation to be customized more easily, plus a mechanism to allow containers’ /etc/hosts to be updated. Also, implementation of self typing on GenericContainer makes developing custom subclasses with fluent builder interfaces much easier. Thanks to Pete Cornish, Thorsten Binias and Sergei Egorov for contributing these!

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I came across the quite awesome last night - it’s a kind of pastebin/gist store, except snippets can be executed as code in a number of languages. I can see this being a really useful tool for showing or teaching programming.

There are some pretty great aspects:

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Testcontainers 1.0.4 is out

Testcontainers version 1.0.4 has been released.

This release adds bug fixes and some great new features: in particular docker exec support and building of images from Dockerfiles. Thanks to Oliver Stacey and Sergei Egorov respectively for contributing these!

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